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The PVB project is an independent project. Too artsy for the porn industry, too much cocks for the mainstream circuit, our films are only made possible thanks to the support of the viewers.
The donations are anonymous: we don't need your contact info except for an email where you'll receive a password to enter the PVB Safe Space.
Feel free to contact us, we like to hear from you!
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For $12,90 each month, get access to our height latest short movies.
For $21,90 the first month, then $24,90 each month, become a member and get access to our collections of short movies.
For $50 each month, become a Premium Generous Member: you get access to our collections of short movies and you help us create more original content.

For $50, no rebill, get access for one month to our collections of short movies.
You will receive a password to enter the PVB safe space.

For 40 euros, watch Don't love me, an urban romance + interviews + deleted scenes + raw footage + unreleased pictures...

For 50 euros, watch a.k.a. FUCK, a look into gay sexuality + an extra unreleased scene + pictures...

For $50, watch the film pornographic poems + a behind the scenes clip + 2 deleted scenes.

For 150 euros, you receive the password to enter the safe space + a link to watch a.k.a Fuck and Sex Afternoon + Don't Love Me + Pornographic Poems + and you help us develop the project: get the DELUXE TOTAL PACK...