"Gay sex was rarely more poetic..."
PornFilm Festival Berlin

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"After the very realistic approach of 'Don't Love Me', I wanted to explore a more poetic and fantastic vision of sexuality. I see the poet as that person who draws the attention toward all those things we don't pay attention to anymore, because we get accustomed or something.
What surprised me the most was that at some point Ash, Brad, Max and Shane were so into it, what they were sharing was so strong, that my main role consisted in not interruprting or disturbing the flow. It was really amazing..."


Synopsis: : 4 boys, 1 apartment in Berlin, 1 afternoon and the urge to go wild. The Pornographic Poems are made of 6 short movies, 6 attempts to picture sexuality of boys.

Title: Pornographic Poems
Cast: Ash, Brad, Max, Shane
Directed by PVB
Duration: 60 minutes
2019 - Berlin/Paris

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